The Perfect Job

One of the neatest jobs I have had was being a sports photographer in college. Here’s how it came to be:

In the fall of my second year at Multnomah, I attended one of the home basketball games with camera in hand. I had recently acquired a new lens for my SLR but had not had many opportunities to use it. I shot most of a roll (do I need to add “film” here so I do not have to in coming years when younger readers might not know what “a roll” is referring to?!) and had it developed within a week or so of the game. I looked through the prints and was pleased with how many of them turned out but had no use for pictures of guys playing basketball, especially guys I did not even know. I really hate to waste things and could not bring myself to throw the pictures away but at the same time being the minimalist I am, I rarely hold on to things that are not useful. Rather than throw the prints away, I decided to drop them off at the coach’s office. Both the athletic director (A.D.) and the basketball coach were in at the time and I was able to give the pictures to the coach myself. Feeling a little awkward as I handed him the stack of pictures, I explained how I only took the pictures because I wanted to use my new camera lens and had no use for the prints. I was turning to leave his office as he started flipping through the pictures and said with growing excitement,

“You took these?! These are great! We don’t have anything like these! Hey, Vos! (Athletic Director, Lois Vos), come look at these! Can we have her come to all our games…?!”

And the rest as they say, is history! The athletic department bought a digital camera for me to use and I went on to be the school’s first sports photographer for our school’s two sports teams (Men’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball), for the remainder of my time at Multnomah. I probably would have gone to most of the home games anyways but to get paid to go and do something I love all at once was really an incredible blessing and beyond anything I could have conceived or contrived. This job was the first in a series of blessings as it led to several other jobs, multiple friendships and countless experiences I would not have had otherwise. Without a doubt, this job was a divine gift and a bowl of ripe bananas!


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