In 2009 I went on a two-week trip to Thailand with five others from my church. Our purpose was to visit a missionary our church supports and to help her with an annual week-long conference she organized at the international school where she was working in Chiang Mai. There were a number of ripe bananas provided in conjunction with this trip, here are a few examples:

  • The trip was in February 2009. In early fall of ’08, we had a team of five, four ladies and our church’s children’s pastor. We began to pray God would provide another man to join our team and boy did He provide! Another missionary family supported by our church had plans to come back to the US later in the Spring of ’09. Health concerns required the family to return early in the Fall, much sooner than they planned. Within a few weeks of their arrival, the father of this family joined our team. He had not only lived in Thailand for a number of years but also spoke Thai and was familiar with the culture, driving on the opposite side of the road, and the exact city where we would be staying! We were extremely blessed to have him on our team! Some of my favorite experiences from this trip were made possible through God’s provision of this team member.
  • One of our plans was to make sugar cookies for the high school students to decorate and then to take the cookies to a leper’s colony we were to visit. Finding the ingredients we needed and making the dough was quite an adventure all its own but when it came time to bake the cookies we ran into several problems. Because the oven where we were staying did not work, we were taken to the home of a neighbor and friend of our missionary friend, a neighbor who happened to love baking. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but we had a HUGE quantity of cookies to make and we were giddy with delight to find this friend had three cookies sheets! It would have taken us all day (which we didn’t have) to bake all the cookies using one or even two cookie sheets but in God’s providence, He led us right to what was likely the only home in the neighborhood with three cookie sheets!
  • A few other examples of how God provided for us on this trip: the four of us girls on the team were able to stay just a few doors away from our missionary friend in a furnished but vacant house owned by missionaries who were in between rentals. The guys stayed in a missionary family’s home who had left to visit their “passport country” shortly before we arrived in Thailand. A school administrator was gone on vacation most of the time we were there and graciously loaned us his truck  to use (which happened to have an extended cab making it big enough to hold us all)!

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