Praying to a 5-out-of-5 kind of God

Amy & Me

Amy & Me

A year ago April I had the opportunity to visit with my dear friend Amy and her husband Michael. At the time Amy was just weeks away from her due date and had recently quit her job to prepare for their first child, as they had planned.  Just days after my visit Michael lost his job unexpectantly. They were a bit concerned and understandably so! They did not know how long it would be before Michael would find a job but had to hope their savings would hold out until then. They were also hoping Amy wouldn’t have to go back to work after their daughter was born. During the course of our visit, I shared with them my story of how I came to acquire my car, Alden the Altima. You can read Aldenʼs story: here.

Amy and I didnʼt get a chance to visit again until almost a year later and it was then I heard her and Michael share the following story with me:

A few days after my previous visit with Amy, Michael lost his job. Michael and Amy thought more about Aldenʼs story and how I had prayed specifically for what I was looking for in a car and God faithfully answered my prayers. They sat down and carefully considered how they might be more specific when praying for God to provide Michael with a new job. They too came up with five specific requests:

They asked for Michaelʼs new job to:

• be in his field (IT); something he truly enjoyed and that fit his skill set

• be no more than a 30 minute drive away

• provide a specific monthly income they determined would adequately meet their needs

• provide good health insurance coverage that would begin before their old expired!

• include his ability to advance and grow within the company, a job he could make a long-term career of

Armed with these specific requests they began to pray all the more diligently and expectantly, in faith God would provide. Very soon after Michael had an interview and was even offered a job but it only met three of the five qualifications they had been asking for. Michael did not respond immediately to the offer but mulled it over and went home to discuss it with Amy. To her surprise, in the morning he asked her how she felt about turning down the offer. She emphatically replied, “In this economy?! But what if another job doesn’t come along before our savings runs out?” Michael’s reassurance to his very pregnant wife was, “Our God is not a 3 out of 5 kind of God. We have peace about the things we are asking for and know He is able and willing to provide. All we need to do is have faith.”

Despite the high level of unemployment at the time, the unstable economy, the enticement to be done job searching and the pressure to find a job quickly with the baby arriving soon, Michael turned down the offer.

The next two weeks really tested their resolve and sent them to their knees; praying for the same five things with the faith He provided at the time. Finally, Michael was offered the chance to interview for a job he considered way out of his league. Not only did he consider himself under-qualified for what the industry would expect, but lacked the required education for the position. Even still, a first interview came and went. Then a second. With much anticipation a week or so later he was asked to come in for a third. Then he waited a very long week after. At this point Michael was pretty sure they would have offered the job at the last interview and his hopes dropped. All the while, the experience had given Amy and Michael hope that, yes, God will provide. So, they kept praying specifically.

At the end of that long week, Michael was offered the job and did not hesitate to accept it. It not only met, but in many ways, greatly exceeded each of the things they were praying for! Amy and Michael had recently become a one-car-family and the new job would provide a company car! The salary was greater than what they needed, his commute would only be 20 minutes and the benefits were far better than they could have dreamed. The health benefits even covered all the expenses incurred from the birth of their daughter! All of this was couched in the reality Michael had his dream job and his company wanted him around for a very long time!

The first impression of Michael and Amy was an overwhelming sense of gratitude. It wasn’t Michael’s awesome resume or great personality that landed the job – it was the Lord’s provision for them.

Are you praying to a 5-out-of-5 kind of God?


2 thoughts on “Praying to a 5-out-of-5 kind of God

  1. Love this story, Hill! Just another good reminder to us, to ALWAYS seek and completely trust the Lord in ALL things & not to be afraid to narrow the parameters of the prayer request. People usually tend to be so general in their requests, and when the prayer is answered, they don’t always connect it with God’s provision, as much as when it’s very specific and clearly points to the provision being unquestionably from God.


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