A $10 Bill and a Ripe Banana


(Photo credit: YoavShapira)

A few days ago I left my dad’s house in the early evening and was most of the way to Sebastopol when I stopped at a gas station with a virtually empty tank of gas. I began frantically looking around my car for my wallet but a quick call to my dad confirmed my suspicion I had left it at his house. Earlier in the day however, my sister had dropped my dad off at my work so he could barrow my car for a couple of hours. While he has borrowed my car before, the occasions are rare and typically he doesn’t go far enough to warrant the need for him to pay me for the gas he used. But this time he did. After his appointment he picked me up from work and drove the two of us back to his place. Just before he got out of the car, he slipped a $10 bill into the middle console of my car. Thanks to his much appreciated  and very thoughtful contribution to Alden‘s gas fund, I was able to get gas enough to tie me over until I could make it back to my dad’s the following afternoon to retrieve my wallet.

Would I have noticed the Lord’s mercy to me or been nearly as appreciative of the gas money from my dad had the Lord merely reminded me to grab my wallet before leaving the house? I fear the answer is no which makes me all the more grateful for this deliciously ripe banana!

Have you ever run out of gas or been in a similar situation, where in the end, you were glad it happened because you saw first hand the goodness and mercy of God?


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