The ABC’s and a February/March Update

IMG_2641Greetings friends and family!

This will be my last update from the States! Two weeks from today I will be in Catania, Sicily!
Here’s my new A-B-C format for updates:
A is for Answered Prayers:
One prayer request I’ve been asking for is that I will leave well. Leaving has been a process that started at least a month or two ago; it has been hard but good. I am thankful the Lord has been gradually leading me through the process of detaching myself from all that is familiar to me here rather than cutting every tie all at once. The less attached I become to everything in my life (my home, stuff, job, roles, relationships, places, past times, mexican food, clover coffee…), the more freedom I feel to follow the Lord wherever He wants to take me. Especially when letting go of something has been really hard, I am reminded all the more of how worthy Jesus is of all that I have and all that I am.
B is for Blessings:
I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to visit my home church from my high school and early college years, Ukiah Bible Church at the beginning of March and my dear friends at Potter Valley Bible Church last Sunday. Just being with both congregations was a really big blessing and their love, encouragement, support and prayers all the more! Just when I think my opportunities for sharing with others about praying for Italy are almost over, the Lord has provided again and again. I am really intrigued by what the Lord must be up to in Italy to be stirring the hearts of so many here to be praying for this hurting nation. Please keep up the prayers!
Another recent blessing is an offer for a formal internship with Christian Associates (CA). Up until now I have been an “affiliate” but this new role as intern will really maximize my time with Bethany, the CA staff member I’ll be working with in Catania during the weeks I am not needed at the Bible school. As an intern, I will have a more defined role and expectations, more support, accountability and resources along with a greater level of intentionality I am really excited about. Please keep both Aurora Mission and Christian Associates in your prayers!
C is for Challenges (a.k.a. Prayer Requests!):
For those who have not yet heard, I was unable to get a long-term visa before I leave. I knew it would be a challenge but did not expect to be leaving without a visa in hand. There are a few ways to enter the country without a visa and still obtain the proper paperwork that will allow me stay past 90 days. The emphasis here is on: a few. Lately I have been regularly reminded of how “all things are possible with God,” and have to rest in the fact that His will always prevails. He is more than able to make a way for me to be able to stay. Please continue to pray for my faith to be strong and that I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He directs my every step.
Please pray for Pope Francis too, that he be a man in love with Jesus, who lifts high the written Word of God and that he be a man of prayer who is led by the Holy Spirit. I pray God will give him wisdom and courage so he will be an agent of great, positive and much-needed change within the nation of Italy and around the world.
*If you are led to give financial support, checks can be made out and sent to Hessel Church, just be sure to include a note with the check with my name on it (5060 Hessel Ave, Sebastopol, CA 95472). Financial support can also be given online through PayPal on the Hessel website ( All donations are tax-deductible.

** I still need to raise about $1000 in my Christian Associates account to cover future training and conference costs. Donations to my CA account can be made online. From CA’s homepage (, click on the “Donate” button in the upper right-hand corner. Under ”Missionaries and Projects” please click on “Missionaries” and then click on “Cummings, Hillary – 40383”

Dio ti benedica,

(God bless you!),


One thought on “The ABC’s and a February/March Update

  1. Just prayed for you, the Pope, and Italia! Godspeed!
    I hope to see you again to say goodbye, and to visit you in Sicily, (because I KNOW you’ll be there WAY longer than 90 days!!
    Lord bless,


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