A Letter From the Lord

Surprised by His Goodness

It’s a 2 for 1 deal on ripe bananas! The process of writing this ripe banana story became a ripe banana all its own!

Here’s the initial banana: taken from my journal entry written November 25, 2003:

Why am I so surprised by Your goodness? Perhaps it is because, apart from knowing Jesus, I am completely undeserving!… Today, Stacy Ortman, the Resident Director (R.D.) of the upstairs floor of Memorial (name of the dorm building I lived in my first year at Multnomah), came to my room to give me a letter she recently received. It was given to her anonymously with $100 inside, here’s what it said:


The Lord lately has blessed me abundantly!! I know there are girls attending Multnomah that financially are struggling. It is difficult to be a student and pay off the many expenses that come with attending a Bible College. Would you give this to a girl that needs it? Maybe she needs to pay off a bill or maybe she has been sacrificing so much  she just needs to pamper herself a bit. Whatever the need is I would love to help and show her that our Lord truly cares for his children and provides in many different ways. You can tell her that it is from a sister that has been provided for in the past and want to be a part of the Lord’s provision now in the lives of others. The Lord is watching out for her, and the Lord wants her to be here at Multnomah. Continue to trust in the Lord.

Thank you!

A blessed daughter of the Lord

Stacy had prayed for a couple of days that she would give the letter to just the right person. She told me God deliberately and firmly put me on her heart and mind so she felt led to give the letter and money to me. You are SO good to me! You will not abandon me but will provide for all my needs! This could only have been from You and Your timing is always perfect! Today I had to ask for an extension to my grace period for my tuition payment. It was due November 15th and the 10-day grace period ends today. I won’t have the money until I get my next paycheck on the 1st but with all my absences with Katie’s wedding and the choir tour last week, I don’t think my paycheck will cover the whole payment. Now with this extra cash, I know I’ll have enough! Thank You sooooooo much!!!!!

——-end of journal entry———

I did not personally know Stacy. She had no idea I was barely scraping by financially. The Lord had given me supernatural peace in the months leading up to attending Multnomah that though I had no idea how I would pay for it, that was where I was suppose to be. But my unshakeable peace started to quiver with doubt as deadlines for tuition payments came and went each month with hardly a trace of how God would provide. Nevertheless, I have stories just like this one for almost every month of my first year at Multnomah.

Someday in heaven I’ll meet the lady who wrote me this letter but really it was the Lord who prompted her to write what she did and to send it at just the right time. How could she have known the words she wrote were exactly what my heart needed to be reminded of? The last two sentences in particular cut straight to the doubt that had been growing in my heart and mind, shattering it into tiny pieces that like chaff, are carried away by the wind in an instant. He may not be a tame lion, but He most undoubtedly is good!

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34:8

Here’s the bonus ripe banana story written: March 19, 2013

I’ve known for months I wanted to share this ripe banana story on the blog. I knew I had kept the letter but my diligent efforts to find it have been to no avail, that is until yesterday. Last night I was about to leave Ukiah to drive back to Santa Rosa when a gentleman pointed out my mostly bald front tires. I’ve known for a couple of months I needed to replace them but haven’t gotten around to it. I took the stranger’s warning as a sign and though it was already 6:10pm, I drove down the street to Les Schwab to see if it might not be too late to replace them before driving home. They close at 6pm but graciously excepted my business and went to work. In the few minutes I had to wait in the lobby, I opened my laptop and started writing this story resigning myself to the fact that the letter was lost. There weren’t any boxes I hadn’t already checked, or so I thought. I barely typed the first sentence when the car was ready and I was off. Then, later that night, as I was sorting and combining a few small boxes I need to take to storage, I found the letter. Sure makes me wonder: if I had started writing this story months ago, would I have immediately found the letter? Is this not a small-scale example of the story itself? If we step out in faith and do what we know He has called us to do (in my case: attend Multnomah, write the story, move to Italy!…), will He not faithfully provide for our needs as we go and pour out His blessing as well?! Is He calling you to do something but rather than joining the priests in the Jordan River (see Joshua chapter 3), you are waiting for Him to part the waters before you get your feet wet? Step in my friend, and watch Him do something amazing!

When man listens, God speaks. When man obeys, God acts.

March 27, 2013

Hollie, tonight you were a letter from the Lord delivered straight to my table at Aroma’s- it was everything I needed to hear with $5,000 to spare.


One thought on “A Letter From the Lord

  1. In awe, smiling uncontrollably at all our God did tonight. All I can think to say is “OF COURSE!!!!” 🙂 Love you sweet friend. Love our Jesus even more because he loves Italy so much that he’s sending them you, and himself, in you. So much more to come! Can’t wait!!!


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