The Joy of Being a Ripe Banana

75px-This_is_banana_bread_that_will_change_your_lifeWho’d ever guess being a banana could be so exciting?! Not until I arrived in Catania on Monday did I discovered I am God’s provision of the roommate Naomi has been praying for. The flat where we live Naomi purchased at the end of 2010. It took more than a year to furnish and fix the place up and she finally moved in this time last year. It was a little while later, after she was settled, when she began to consider getting a roommate. Before she ever bought the place she had thought having a roommate might be “un buon’ idea,” but it wasn’t until last fall that she was ready to start seriously looking. Here is her list of qualities she was looking for in a roommate:

-a female

-an americana (she has several very valid reasons for not wanting an Italian for a roommate!)

-a sincere Christ-follower who is more than just nominal about their faith

-a non-smoker

-with no kids or pets

-preferably not a complete stranger or someone significantly older or younger (Naomi is in her early 30’s)

A few months after Naomi moved in, there was an active duty member on the base who was interested in renting from Naomi but in the end, the gal wound up renting from someone else.

Bethany, the CAI staff member I am working with and a mutual friend of ours, was totally unaware of Naomi’s interest and need for a roommate when, at the end of last year, she asked Naomi if she would consider renting me a room. After hearing all about me from Bethany, Naomi readily agreed to offer me her place.

Here’s the cherry on top:

Will is a friend of Naomi’s. He is an ex-marine in his mid-40’s who works on the base in the IT department as a civilian. Will loves to cook and is regularly making banana bread. A couple of weeks ago, Naomi and Will were chatting and Will offered to bring Naomi some bread for her to try. Does it come as any surprise it was Monday, the day I arrived, when he made a special delivery to Naomi of some freshly made banana bread?

Nothing says, “benevenuta in Italia!” (“welcome to Italy!”), like a fresh slice of  American banana bread, eh?


4 thoughts on “The Joy of Being a Ripe Banana

  1. I commented on this several days ago when I read it & don’t know why it didn’t take. So happy you received such a sweet gesture to welcome you to Italy–How very apropos!


  2. Ciao and benevenuto to Sicilia Hillary! Oh, by the way, I will always be a Marine, once and always, as the Marine Commandant just voiced this past year… We have no more former Marines, just Marines in a different phase of life. This phase of my life, though no longer on active duty, I am still serving the United States of America as a civilian in a needed capacity supporting our sailors and troops. I am glad you enjoyed the banana bread I shared with Naomi! 🙂


    • Wil, as you can see, I have a lot to learn about the military but I am grateful for you taking the time to explain this to me. And thanks again for the banana bread! Your timing was impeccable and the bread, delizioso!


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