“Jesus Really Does Listen!” (Annabella’s Story)

Annabell with her birthday gift from Jesus

Annabell with her birthday gift from Jesus

Annabella is 5 years old. Her birthday is in January. A few weeks before her last birthday she was adding some toys she wanted to her online Amazon “wish list” so her grandparents in the U.S. would know what toys to buy her for her birthday. She saw an electronic toy dog she really wanted and even though she had a hunch it was “troppo caro” (too expensive) she told her mom, Vanessa about it. (The current price of this toy, the “Glitter Go Go My Walkin Pup” on Amazon is $54.99 with free domestic shipping). Vanessa explained to Annabell the toy was too expensive to ask her grandparents for but told her, “You need to pray and ask Jesus about it.”

Later that same day, Vanessa needed to make a trip to the US Naval Air Station, Sigonella, where her husband Phil is currently stationed. While they were there they stopped by the small, one-room thrift store on the base. Annabell skipped off to the small toy section and came running back a moment later exclaiming,  “Momma!!!! Jesus listened! Jesus listened to me!!” In her arms was the exact toy, clean, in perfect working order and with all the parts. And the icing on top: it was only $3!

What an amazing gift to learn this profound truth at such a young age! It is one thing to tell a child “Jesus listens to us when we pray” but it is an entirely different level of comprehension to know through experience this exceedingly important lesson. Not only this but Annabell also knows Jesus cares about the things we care about regardless of their level of importance. Nothing is too small or too big to bring to Him in prayer.

Annabella & "Baby Ziggy"


One thought on ““Jesus Really Does Listen!” (Annabella’s Story)

  1. Love this story, Hill. You told it to me recently, but so glad to read it & know that others will read it, too. It’s a good reminder of how much Jesus cares for us so lovingly, thoroughly & intimately. We are so blessed to serve such a faithful & awesome God!


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