Color Me Rad

I first heard about “Color Runs” maybe two years ago when a co-worker of mine was in one and later posted pictures from it on Facebook. A couple of weeks ago, I heard someone mention there is a Color Me Rad run coming to Santa Rosa in May. The registration is $45. I was sorely tempted to sign up but couldn’t justify spending the money, especially when I really need to be saving for a new laptop.

Depending on your personality, you may be confused why people would get excited and even pay to both run and get really messy. As for me, it looks like a lot of fun in addition to being a great excuse to start running a few times a week!

IMG_1262The coffee shop where I work is right across the street from a store that specializes in running shoes and really all things related to the sport of running. A couple of weeks ago one of the employees came by for some coffee and I asked him if he knew about Color Me Rad and if his store handled registration for the race. Since then, I decided to stop pursuing the idea because of the cost but today at work, the same employee came in for coffee and before ordering, handed me what looked like a gift card with “Color Me Rad” on the front. The employee explained how the staff at his store had recently received these gift cards good for one free registration for the race but he was not able to go. Knowing I was interested, he gave the card to me!

Funny how the gift card immediately started smelling of ripe bananas as I slipped it into my apron pocket. I shook my head in wonder of God’s goodness as I proceeded to ring the man up for his cup of coffee.

Does this story sound familiar? If you have a similar story of your own, please share it via the comments below! For another ripe banana story like this one, check out: Up Close & Personal.

Color Me Rad, 2014


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