I Need A Date!

No, I am not looking for someone among you, my friends and family, to play matchmaker, what I need is a departure date for when I go back to Sicily! I need to know this date soon because it needs to not only be on my visa application but also on letters that need to be prepared soon by the friends I will be staying with and by my sponsoring organization in Italy. It may sound like a simple hurdle but it is slightly more complicated than just choosing a date at random. I’ll spare you the details but please be praying for me as I carefully tread the waters of discernment in this matter.

I do, on the other hand, have a different but maybe equally exciting date nailed down: June 26th at 10:30am, I have an appointment at the Italian Consulate in San Francisco to turn in my visa application. Please keep this date in mind as you pray for me over the next two months. I’d like to have at least 75% of my financial support by the end of June and must of course have all the letters and documents I need to submit with my application in time for this appointment. Assuming the Lord provides both the financial support and the documents I need by June 26th, this would put my departure date somewhere between the very end of July and the end of September at the latest. I am thrilled all the pieces for my visa are coming together little by little and I SOOOOO appreciate all of your prayers and support!!!!
Here are this month’s ABC’s
A – Answered Prayers
A month or so ago I asked the Lord to bring people into my life who could counsel me about how to proceed in the visa process. Thus far He has brought me three, each have been exceedingly helpful and very encouraging!
Another fun, recent answer to prayer will be the subject of my next ripe banana story so keep your eyes “peeled” for it in the next week or so!
B- Blessings
I had a wonderful Easter catching up with my mom’s family in Sacramento and was able to see most of my dad’s side of the family this last weekend as we gathered to celebrate my grandfather’s 85th birthday. Most of my extended family members I hadn’t seen since before I left for Sicily a year ago so I am extra grateful for the opportunities to see my family these last two weekends afforded.
Three weekends ago I had the opportunity to share about what Jesus is up to in Sicily with an incredible group of folks in Ukiah. I was so encouraged by each person who came and blessed beyond words as I watched the Holy Spirit stir their hearts to partner with us in this ministry! Patience is in high demand for me right now: seeing the Lord moving in friends here coupled with several recent and very exciting reports from my co-worker in Belpasso has me all the more anxious to get back to Sicily!
C- Challenges
Please be praying for my friends, the Lee family. Chris and Gretchen and their three young children, Bri, Eva and Daniel are dear friends who live in Sicily. Three days ago Gretchen had emergency surgery on her intestine which had been completely blocked by a tumor. Please pray for her and her family as she recovers and that healing will be complete and quick!
Chris and Gretchen Lee

Chris and Gretchen Lee

Also be praying for the documents I need to submit with my visa application, for more opportunities for me to share about the needs and work in Italy with others, for my friends in Italy and also for me, that I would be diligent and focused on the work God has called me to while I am here and patient and confident in God’s perfect timing for me to return to Sicily.

Please write me back if you have any updates, prayer requests or a more current e-mail address – or just to say hi! 


If you feel led to give financial support, contributions can be made online via my Christian Associates (CA) account. From CA’s homepage (http://christianassociates.org/), click the “Donate Now” button in the upper right-hand corner. On the next page, select ”Missionaries” from the drop-down menu, then “Cummings, Hillary – 40383” from the drop-down menu that will appear immediately below. Or visit my staff page: http://christianassociates.org/who/our-staff/hillary-cummings/ Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Full of hope and joy

and thankful for each of you,

He is Risen!


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