Nutella Brownies


Nutella is a chocolate-hazelnut spread and in my humble opinion, utterly delish. What peanut butter is to America, Nutella is to most of Europe. I happen to love Nutella. I especially love Nutella and peanut butter together. I like to think they go together even better than peas and carrots.

Somewhere around 5-7 weeks ago, I came across a recipe on Pinterest for Nutella brownies. The picture looked amazing! Click here to check out the recipe from Pinterest. I finished off the jar of Nutella that I had within a few days of spotting the recipe and was then faced with a dilemma: I needed to buy more Nutella if I was going to make the brownies but knew that if I bought a jar, I would very likely (and single-handedly) finish it by the time I left for Italy. A couple of times in the following weeks while I was grocery shopping, I picked up a jar of Nutella but each time I eventually returned the jar to the shelf from whence it came before checking out. After having done this on multiple occasions I resolved to wait until I got back to Italy to try out the recipe.

nutella brownies

Then last Friday happened.

I was at my friend Brittany’s house with several other friends when in walked my good friend Hollie carrying a pan of freshly made brownies.

But these weren’t just any brownies mind you…

they were Nutella brownies!

I need to pause here to give a little background: First, I need to emphasize how I am a particular sucker for warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven brownies. Hollie could have made the brownies earlier in the day or even the day before but she didn’t. She made them just before she came. Second, not everyone likes their brownies a tad undercooked but apparently this is one more thing Hollie and I have in common. Third, Hollie is a professional pastry chef. She can bake anything and bake it extraordinarily well. This also means she has countless recipes in her repertoire. She doesn’t make the same few desserts again and again (except for maybe Pad Thai which isn’t a dessert anyway). Of all the recipes she has and desserts she could have made, she made Nutella brownies. Fourth, I don’t know many here in the States who are really into Nutella and of the few who are, I didn’t (prior to last Friday evening), know Hollie not only shared my love for Nutella but also agrees with me that Nutella and peanut butter are practically a match made in heaven.

Not only were the brownies she made, Nutella brownies, fresh out of the oven and slightly under baked, they also had peanut butter in them!!

No way??!!!!

How could she have known?!!!

My shock lasted well into the following day …and even still it lingers.


I hadn’t shared about my Nutella dilemma with anyone and with the possible exceptions of my mom and sister, I don’t know of anyone else who would know all the particular ways I like my brownies (warm, fresh, not overdone, and middle pieces, rather than edge pieces are the best!).  Only Jesus knew all of that. He’s the only one who saw how close I’d come to buying more Nutella so I could make the brownies myself but knew how I didn’t want a jar of Nutella in the house knowing it would undoubtedly beckon me to finish it off by the time I leave for Italy.

It never crossed my mind Jesus would care about my desire to try Nutella brownies. Even if I had taken the time to share this silly wish with Him, I never would have supposed He’d do something about it!

It feels very much like when you share in confidence a secret dream or desire with a friend and that friend takes your secret wish and goes and recruits another friend to help bring about surprising you with whatever the desire was. This sort of conspiring among friends is the best kind, right?! The only thing is, He recruited Hollie to help with “Operation Brownie” without cluing her in on what He was up to!

Jesus is always listening to my heart and thoughts. He never forgets anything and always see me. He is completely unpredictable, more romantic than Romeo himself and sweeter than the sweetest honey. What more can a girl ask for?! What more can anyone ask for?!!

This is the Jesus I know and adore.

The One who makes me Nutella brownies.


(He’s also the one who takes me on Vespa rides, gives me chocolate instead of vanilla and a million other gifts aside!)

Click here to see the recipe Hollie used. She added a little extra salt and vanilla extract and an extra-large spoonful of Nutella too! She baked the brownies for just shy of 30 minutes. It never hurts to check early! Please leave a comment below if you end up trying one or both of the recipes. I’d love to hear how they turned out and which one you like better!

If you enjoyed reading this ripe-banana story, you will probably like this one as well. It is among my all-time favorites! (At least to date!)


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