For those of you who know me even moderately well, this will come as no surprise:

I am REALLY indecisive.

In circles where “indecisive” is a bad word, I like to say, “I am very thoughtful when it comes to making decisions.”

While I like to leave room for spontaneity, when it comes to big, important, life-changing decisions, I am as slow and cautious as they come. When faced with lots of options, I can easily be overwhelmed. My natural instinct is to carefully consider and weigh each and every option.

This is why I am almost always the last one at the table to order at a restaurant… and even then, I often will ask the waiter to help me decide between the two or three selections I was able to narrow my options down to!

No matter the weight of the decision, somewhere in the back of my mind, I am always afraid I may have missed an option… an option that may potentially be the best choice among all the options available to me.

My indecisiveness is also one of the many reasons why I  sometimes feel I am more cut out to live in Italy than America. America is known for having a seemingly endless selection of just about everything! Here in Italy, even the largest supermarkets rarely have half the options you might find at a Walmart or Target in the States.

I am embarrassed to admit that in the States, it has on more than one occasion, literally taken me as long as five minutes to pick out something as simple as a box of kleenex!!! I get caught up in dilemmas such as: which is the best price per count in each box? Do I want a cheap, generic brand or is it worth it to pay a little more for a name brand? What design do I want? Do I want a square or rectangular box? With a scent or without? Lotion or no lotion? White or colored?… Anyone who needs to work on their decision-making skills needs only to head to their nearest American supermarket for a little practice!

I really don’t like wasting my time or mental energy on unimportant things but on account of my detail-orientedness, I get easily swept up in confronting each option one by one without even stopping to see the big picture and factor in the level of importance of the decision(s) at hand into the decision-making process.

Here in Italy I love how I don’t have to make even half as many decisions when I go grocery shopping; I can pick out my milk and cereal without so much as a second thought as to whether I prefer: brand name or generic, fat-free, whole grain, chunky or smooth, organic, family size, 2 or 3 ply, grass-fed, free-range, biological, MSG free, low or no sugar, low or no sodium, trans-fat free, with or without hydrogenated fat…???????

This isn’t to say these options don’t exist here, there are just a lot fewer of them.

Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

Please don’t get me wrong! I love how supermarkets like Safeway typically have at least half an isle’s worth of various flavors of ice cream to choose from! I just know for me, living somewhere that generally has fewer options to choose from when it comes to the day-to-day stuff keeps my life on the simple side.

And I like that, a lot.

I think Jesus was a pretty simple kind of guy and knowing He knows better than anyone, how best to live this life, I figure living on the simple side, like He did, is probably a good way to go.

What are your thoughts on living simply?

If you have any advice for one like me on navigating lots of options, I’m all ears! Feel free to leave a comment below!


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