From the Kitchen of: Pina Sambataro


I love pesto! But much more so, I love my friend Pina who lives just down the street from me. She and her husband own a coffee bar a few blocks from my house. Pina, her husband, Mario, and their whole family have been such a blessing to me. They have been so welcoming, thoughtful, helpful, hospitable, generous and exceptionally kind to this new girl on the block. My heart is full of gratitude for each of them!

I am also grateful for good friends who are willing to share their recipes with me! After joining Pina’s family for lunch a few months back, Pina gave me some of the leftover pesto she had made fresh earlier that morning. Pina is an amazing cook so needless to say, it was delicious! For all you fellow pesto-lovers out there, here is her recipe for your tasting enjoyment:


makes 2 servings

basil – 1 cup of fresh leaves

pine nuts – 20 (Pina also uses a couple of walnuts as well)

garlic – 2 cloves

olive oil – 2 tablespoons

salt – to taste

Rinse basil leaves well and add to blender. Add nuts, coarsely chopped garlic cloves, olive oil and salt and blend until it’s the consistency of pastry cream or nutella. You may need to add a little more olive oil in order to achieve the correct thickness. Add to cooked pasta, stir and enjoy!


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