A Banana Named Mo

Mo, the family dog of one of my good friends from high school, recently died. Dave and his wife, Julie, acquired Mo almost 10 years ago. The day Mo died, Dave wrote a poignant tribute which he posted on Facebook. In his tribute, Dave shared the story of how he and Julie found Mo. It is a story about a seemingly small, unimportant desire being seen and fulfilled by the God who made, sustains and passionately loves all He has created…  Hmmm… If you ask me, Mo’s story smells an awful lot like ripe bananas!

With Dave’s permission, here is the post he wrote:


Written October 17, 2015

Sad day for the Dick Family

Our beloved dog, MoMo, passed away today from lung cancer. He has been a great blessing from the Lord to our family. October 1st was Mo’s birthday; he had just turned 10 years old “in people years.”10354091_10153825565627573_750049884035020811_n

It might sound strange but Mo was an answer to prayer. Shortly after Julie and I were married, we decided we wanted to start our family with a dog before having children. I really liked the look and temperament of Boxers but didn’t want a dog that big. I also liked the look and temperament of Boston Terriers but didn’t want a dog that small. So I tried to find a crossbreed of the two. I literally spent over a month researching. I looked online at pretty much every rescue shelter in California but couldn’t find anything. I tried to search for breeders that did this kind of cross and could only find an obscure person on the east coast who wanted a lot of money for a Boxer/Boston cross.

So, I prayed.

I asked the Lord to forgive my foolishness if this was a trite request but I believe that God loves to give gifts to His children so I made my request.

12115563_10153825565057573_9108044982777398694_nLater that afternoon Julie and I decided to visit the Redwood Valley Humane Society, just for fun.
Would you believe it? A boxer/terrier puppy had been dropped off just before we arrived! The gal who dropped him off said she bought him for $20 from a homeless couple out in front of a grocery store in Willits. She said she felt pity for him because he was so malnourished and that she bought him just to get him free from the sellers. She said the parent dogs were a Boxer and a Boston Terrier mutt mix (God knows the desires of our hearts!).

As soon as I saw the skin and bone six-week-old puppy, it was as if the Lord almost said audibly,

“Here’s your answered prayer.”

There was an instant connection, I knew he was the one and the “Dick family” began.

Originally, his name was Luka; this was the name given to him for paperwork purposes by the humane society. We decided to name him Moses, symbolically thinking of how Moses was rescued from the Nile river when he was a baby. We thought it would be fun to use this name since we were rescuing Mo at the Humane Society.
We called him MoMo or Mo for short. And about a year after having Mo my grandmother called him Moby thinking that was his full name being that our last name was Dick “Moby Dick” everyone loved it and laughed, so we kind of changed his full name from Moses to Moby after that.

Mo was a very unique looking dog. Most people thought he was either the cutest dog they had ever seen or the ugliest. It seemed like I could never take him into public without someone making a comment asking what kind of dog he was.

Mo was a great dog, super smart and great with kids. He could do all sorts of tricks. When he was a puppy he never left my side, he went with me everywhere. He watched our family grow with the births of all four of my children. He traveled with us on vacations and was loved by all.

We will miss the sound of his collar shaking when we come home. We will miss him chasing the deer in our yard every morning. And we will miss the sound of his empty metal bowl sliding across the floor to tell us he’s hungry. He was such a smart dog.

I am very sad today and I miss my dog very much. I praise God for His kindness to me in giving me and my family such a wonderful gift.

~Not to us,

Dave Dick

Dave and Julie are the camp directors at Hartstone Bible Camp in Potter Valley, California. Click here to find out more about Hartstone.

Click here to read the ripe banana story behind how I made it to Dave and Julie’s wedding!


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