A Ripe Avocado

August 2nd, 2016:

This morning, I was thinking to myself,

“Aw, nuts! I probably won’t be able to make guacamole until the end of the year since now is not the time of year for avocados” (avocados are rather uncommon here in Sicily, or so it would seem).

Then a friend comes to me this evening and tells me she has an avocado for me…


No way!!!! How did she know?!

There is little need to ask this question though… too many other similar experiences have all pointed to the same culprit: Jesus. Only He knows the depths and desires of my heart and hears my every unspoken thought.

But why on earth would He take the time to pay attention to a sinner like me, nevertheless give me simple and oh-so-unecessary desires such as ripe avocados?!

Simply because He loves us.

By no means have we or could we ever earn this pure, perfect, unconditional, never-ending love but it belongs to all who are willing to receive it all the same.


It will not die or grow cold. His love for us is like Him, the same yesterday, today and forever.

Not so my avocado… which I thoroughly enjoyed in the form of guacamole!

Jesus truly is the ultimate listener, lover, gift-giver, provider and friend!! Thanks for the myriad of every-day gifts You give to each of us. And thanks for inventing avocados and guacamole and for telling my sweet friend, Rachel Rosenbush, to buy one for me! 🙂


Here are a few other similar experiences I’ve had that have shown me just how incredibly personal the love of Jesus is. He knows how to love us in the ways that will be most meaningful to each of us as individuals. I hope I can learn from Him in this. I don’t know what your avocados, ripe bananas, nutella brownies, pomegranates, and chocolate soft-serve ice creams are, but I do know the Lord loves to use each of us to be conduits of His love to one another.

Next time you have a “random” thought to buy or do something for someone else, no matter how strange it may sound (like giving someone an avocado!), consider: it may just be that Jesus is inviting you to love on someone else with Him!





One thought on “A Ripe Avocado

  1. Hoo; That is a fuerta avocado. Is that the common variety?  Still watching earthquake reports. Hope as a California Girl youhave earthquake plan. All love’ The Pappa

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