August/September Update

Greetings Friends and Family!

Tomo and Me

Tomomi’s Wedding

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer!
While my heart and feet are eager to leave for Italy, I am so thankful the Lord’s timing is perfect and I did not leave in July as I had been planning to do at the beginning of the year. The Lord gave me a beautiful gift in August, a trip to Washington State to see several dear friends and to attend the wedding of a college roommate, a beautiful friend who has made a big impact on who I am today. Likewise, my roommate of the last 3.5 years along with another precious friend were both married in September and it was a joy and honor to be there on their special day.
Other than weddings, birthday celebrations and quality time with family and friends, August and September have been marked with some very concrete developments in preparation for moving abroad. It is so exciting to see the Lord bringing together much-needed counsel, resources, prayer support, encouragement, mentors, training, opportunities to share with others about Italy and faith building experiences like the one I recently wrote about on my Ripe Bananas Blog: Up Close and Personal
Please pray for me this Tuesday, October 16th as I will be sharing my heart for Italy at Hessel’s Fall Missionary Luncheon! [This event is open to all. It begins at 12:00pm in Fellowship Hall. Childcare is available but if you can, please call the church office ahead of time (707.823.8556) so they can plan accordingly. Please bring a salad to share.]
I am very encouraged by the Lord for providing this opportunity. Please join me in praying the Holy Spirit will speak through me, blessing those who come and stirring the hearts of many to join me in praying for Italy and the work God is doing there. Pray I speak with clarity and for the Lord to provide more opportunities for me to share.
Here are a few other specific ways to be praying:
1. Clear guidance in the steps I need to take to prepare.
2. My visa- I will need to apply in January but need to have raised a full year’s support at the time of application.
3. Discernment and discipline in knowing how best to use the time I have.
4. Bethany Labue, my Christian Associates (CA) team leader in Catania, Sicily. Exciting things are happening as God is raising up more team members to join her. Pray for those she is ministering to and with and that the Lord will open the doors for the CA movement to spread throughout Italy.
5. Pray also for Aurora Mission and their ministry to church leaders in Italy. They held their first youth conference in August and FOCUS, their annual pastor’s conference in September. Pray these conferences will have a lasting impact on those who attended them.

Thank you SO much for your prayers and partnership with me!
Gratefully Yours,

2 thoughts on “August/September Update

  1. Lovely Hillary! I can’t wait to read through more of your blogs.
    P.S. This is Julie – from Starbucks.


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